Why We Redesigned Our Web Site


It sounds like the kind of joke you’d hear at the Old Ship Saloon on a Thursday night. “Why did the agency redesign their web site? Because they couldn’t find anyone else to do it cheaper.”

The real answer is almost always: it was long overdue.

Nearly every agency suffers from chronic “cobbler’s children” syndrome when it comes to their own web presence. Client work always wins in the battle for time allocation, so a redesign requires a serious combination of discipline, relentlessness and more than a little juggling.

We had several goals driving our site redesign, the first of which was a desire to properly showcase the remarkable range of work we’ve done for our clients over the past few years. Our old site offered the briefest of case studies, with very little detail or insight into the actual work.

While we feel pretty good about our client list, we believed that prospective clients would appreciate more than a single beautiful image and a short paragraph covering the past two years of what we’ve done for Subaru in Southeast Asia, for instance.

As professional storytellers of sorts, we’ve had an awful lot of narratives pent up and striving to be told in the past few years. From our work launching George Zimmer’s Generation Tux business from a blank slate, to helping AI and robotics company Anki blow out their e-commerce numbers for their newest products, we’ve had the privilege to work on some exciting and memorable projects, and we’re looking forward to sharing them with the world.

Of course, there was also some geeky work for us to do on SEO and SEM for ourselves — applying some of the best practices we offer clients to our own work.

At the end of the day, it is important for us that our web site demonstrate our craft — our workmanship, creativity, and attention to detail. As practitioners who believe that your experience as a visitor IS our brand, we’ve tried to put as much of ourselves into the site as we can. So in addition to learning what it is we do, and for whom, you can also discover our favorite post-work watering holes and what extra-curricular activities our leadership team might be caught doing on a Saturday afternoon.

We hope you enjoy the new site, and we welcome any and all feedback. Of course, we’re not done with it yet, but it was about time to get something out there in the world.