The San Francisco design agency changing the game.

The San Francisco design agency changing the game

We founded Cibo to be a different kind of agency—one that offered the best of what classic advertising agencies could do, but in a company with capabilities fundamentally built for today’s experience-based, internet-driven economy. Are we an ad agency? An interactive shop? A brand strategy firm? Yes. We think it’s easier to just say that we do brand experience, and leave it at that.

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What We Believe
The experience is the brand.
A brand isn’t what the company says it is, or even hopes it is. A brand is the sum total of any customer’s experience. It lives in the customer’s mind.
Customer love is a worthy goal.
Brands that can not only engage customers, but also connect with them in meaningful ways can expect not just loyalty and higher margins, but free evangelization.
Design works better with constraints.
Necessity begets innovation, and guardrails help anyone hit a target. We work to clearly define the parameters for success and then we meet them.
Every brand experience is a moment.
Even the smallest interaction with the customer has the power to make a brand. That means each moment is worth spending the time to design.
Perspective matters.
There is always more than one right answer to any question in the complex world of brand experience. We like to look at any problem from many different angles.

You get our A-Team. Always.

We’re large enough to accomplish anything, but still boutique enough to deliver world-class service to every client. Comprised of storytellers, designers, strategists, researchers, and trained mixologists, our highly-tenured team drives hard during the day and then bellies up to our in-house bar for a glass of collaborative inspiration and humor.

Awards are nice, but happy clients take our top shelf.

We’ve received our share of industry recognition, but that’s not what we spend time seeking. Our daily efforts aren’t supposed to beautifully fill some portfolio, they are the future of someone’s business, and we act accordingly. From us you get business pragmatism. You want design prima donnas? Look elsewhere.

Working with Cibo was a crucial component of our success. Cibo became an extension of our team very quickly, and were able to roll with all the changes that come with this kind of start-up environment.
Matt Schow,
VP of Marketing Gen Tux
Cibo gives us all the smarts and breadth of a big agency, without the bureaucracy and turnover. They bring their most senior people to every problem, and they do cutting edge work every time.
Keith Meyer,
CMO Income& Technologies

We’re passionate about our craft.

We also believe different points of view make for stronger teams and better ideas. We practice grateful collaboration, letting the rich experiences of expert practitioners shape solutions that transcend any one individual’s capabilities. And if that doesn’t work, a perfectly poured Manhattan can sometimes do the trick.

Cibo is proud to announce that we are now part of the projekt202 family.

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